peach and Color Lip Balm is a magical lip stick for children made of nature-derived ingredients that make dry and rough lips into moist and beautiful lips with healthy pink color. It is decorated with a lovely pink cute ribbon for the more beautiful design and individually packaged as a single box. 

Peach and 潤唇膏蘊含99.9%天然成分,為唇肌提供養分,如魔法棒般能夠緩解唇部乾燥脫皮帶來的不適,恢 复小公主般稚嫩的雙唇。貼有可愛蝴蝶結設計的潤唇膏。無防腐劑,礦油,矽油等有害成分。粉色。

Lip Balm for Children 兒童潤唇膏 (Pink 粉色)