pp1.5mm/ 0.05g/pp 


  • Realy slim - Thin but clear lines by a super slim microfiber pencil of 1.5mm that you do not have to use a sharpener.
  • Very hard - You can use it for a long time in spite of microfiber as the durability was increased.
  • Does not spread at all - smudge proof as you do not have to worry about yout eyes which spread and the power which files
  • Lasts a very long time  - staying power that the first color keeps as it is and waterproof as it is resistant to sweat and water


Editor’s Pick Glam Up Gel Pencil liner

SKU: 12
  • 1, Please remove old around your eyes before putting on eyeliner.

    2, Please pull out the quantity that your want to use (About 1mm)

    3, Please draw an eye line from the tail of your eyes to the direction that you want.

    4, Please fill eyelashed meticulously and touch the inner corner of your eyes delicaely as of uou had an inside eye opening operation.


    * Please refer to this - If you pull out the lead to be ling, it could be broken because it is very thin.

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