30 ml / GLASS






5 in 1 Multi-Primer with five functions in one [roduct

  • Primer of making base makeup last longer

- When one drop of this primer is put on skin in the last skincare step, the primer fills uneven skin regions and pores and helps foundation adhere to skin finely.

  • Highlighting effect with delicate pearl feeling

- Delicate pearl feeling gives soft highlighting effect to the whole face and helps to keep brightening skin.

  •  Eye primer function of preventing something from getting caught in eye wrinkles and improving coloring
  •  Lip primer of moisturizing lips and improving adhesion

- When one drop of this primer is put in a color product with lowering functionality, adhesion and coloring power goes UP three times more.

  •  Texture change from powder color type to cream type

- Changeable to silky texture when one drop of this primer is put in shadow or blusher

Editor’s Pick Glam Up Unicorn Essence Primer 妝前保濕精華

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  • There are many customers who first experience the liquid texture cosmetic product including this fine pearl. Basically, this product has the primer function of improving base adhesion . Additionally, it has whitening function for skincare. It increases foundation adhesion twice higher. When this primer is applied on eyelids and lips, the color of shadow or lipstick becomes clearer and the makeup lasts twice longer. If mixed with a highlighter or shadow product, its texture turns silky. This product makes me so happy in my makeup time every morning.