Capacity: 1 sheet/25ml  1 box/ 5 sheets

容量:1張/25ml 1盒/5張


Triple Hyaluronic acid:
Provides and attracts moisture to form a moisturizing layer

Angel's tears extract:
Provides water to keep the skin moisturized and comforts skin


  • 採用各皮膚問題針對型配方,全力打造貼合皮膚的恢復劑;
  • 雙重保濕,三重透明質酸
  • 只需要15分鐘,為乾燥肌膚提供充足水分解決乾燥皮膚煩惱
  • 針對性配方pH5.5弱酸性修復管理
  • 如同皮膚一般舒適的DERMA SHEET,神經酰胺有效強化肌膚屏障 


Forencos pH5.5 Efficacy Hyaluron Mask 雙重保濕面膜

    • The optimal skin acidity: slightly acidic below pH5.5
    • Hypoallergenic soft skin care with tightly-sitting sheet mask loaded with ampoule
    • Non-sticky and moisturizing slightly acidic capsule ampoulepops and is quickly absorbed into the skin
    • Creates a silky and moisturized skin texture in 15 minutes
    • Effective for four different skin concerns: trouble pores,soothing, moisturizing and brightening
    • Helps recover skin pH by strengthening the inner skin
    • Strengthens elasticity + resistance for alkalized skin
    • Ceramide and bergamot extract help strengthen and improveweakened skin