Contents: 75ml Mist container / 10 tablets

噴霧容器:75ml 容量:10粒


Hyaluronic acid -Supplies and attracts water and forms a moisturizing layer

Soleirolia soleirolii extract -Provides water and keeps skin moisturized and stabilized


酸鹼值pH 5.5仍皮膚最健康既狀態,噴上這款保濕噴霧時,皮膚會製造出一層保護膜,保護皮膚免受外部刺激, 幫助皮膚維持於健康穩定狀況,增強肌膚抵制力。有效改善敏感、乾燥、暗沉等各種皮膚問題,敏感肌亦合用。

Forencos pH5.5 Efficacy Hyaluron Toner mist pH5.5 碳酸藥丸保濕噴霧

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    • Self made mist contains slightly acidic water below pH 5.5, the optimal skin acidity
    • Vitamin C revitalizes and regulates skin tone
    • Blocks fine dust and protects skin from the harmful external environment
    • Provides solutions for four different skin troubles
    • Provides moisturizing and soothing effects regardless of time and place
    • Keep deep inside the skin strong to help balance skin pH
    • DIY mist: you can make your own with tablets
    • Strengthens elasticity and resistance of alkaline skin
    • Safe with sparkling water so that the cause of rashes, chlorine residual, is removed
    • Provides exfoliating and trouble care effects