Net weight : 200g×5pouches 淨含量:200克×5袋
Made in JAPAN 產地:日本
Expiration date:1year from the manufacturing date(unopened)

Storage : Avoid direct sunshine and store at room temperature



※ No synthetic preservatives.※未添加任何合成防腐劑。


Curry Risotto of carefully selected herbs and spices blends without animal protein or animal derived fat.It has slightly and mildly spicy taste. Materials are carefully selected soy meat, which are made from soybeans and it has similar flavor like minced meats, and root vegetables such as carrots and lotus root.The main materials are grains which are rich in vitamins and minerals, such as brown rice, amaranth, Hato barley, and glutinous barley.The other materials are beans which are rich in amino acids and protein such as soybeans, adzuki beans and lentils. In addition, black rice and red rice, which are rich in polyphenol and catechol tannins are also added.Low carb and low calories but high fulfilling risotto. No chemical seasonings, synthetic pigments, spices, synthetic preservatives.





  • Cook with microwave

    1. Unfold the bottom without opening the pouch, keep the pouch upright,
    and put it in the center of the microwave for heating.(Only one pouch per time) 
    2. After heating, please confirm no steam from pouch and then take the pouch (hold it upright) out of the microwave. 
    Please be careful not to burn.
    3. Open the top of the pouch with scissors, etc.
    4. Put it on a plate and enjoy it.



    如何用微波爐加熱 1. 請展開袋子的底部,不要拆封,並使袋子保持直立,放在微波爐的中央進行加熱。 (每次只放1袋)
    2. 加熱後,請在確認蒸氣口沒有蒸氣冒出後,將袋子(保持直立)從微波爐中取出,小心燙傷。
    3. 用剪刀等剪開開口,小心燙傷。
    4. 請轉移到盤子上後享用。

    Cook with hot water

    Put it in boiling water without unpacking it for approximately 5 minutes.
    ※ Do not cover the pan.

    ● With a high-power microwave oven of 700W or more, please adjust the power to below 700W for heating. ● If the pouch touches the top of the microwave or you do not use the microwave, please use another container and then heat it. ● Do not heat more than two pouches at one time. ● When heating, the pouch will expand due to the vapor, but the air will automatically float from the steam vent. ● There may be sounds while heating, but rest assured about the quality and safety of the products ● Please watch out that overheating may lead the pouch to blow out. ● When finish cooking, please remove the pouch after confirming no hot steam from the pouch. ● When finish cooking, product will be hot and need extra caution for burn when handling the products.

    ※ It replaces daily meals to limit calorie for weight control.



    ●若使用700瓦以上的高功率微波爐,加熱時請將功率調至700 瓦以下的檔位。 ●若袋子碰到了微波爐頂部,或不使用微波爐加熱時,請將袋中之物轉移到其他容器中後加熱。 ●不要一次加熱兩個以上。 ●加熱過程中,袋子會因蒸氣而膨脹,但空氣會自動從蒸氣口逸出。 ●加熱過程中可能會產生聲音,但質量或安全方面是沒有問題的。 ●過度加熱可能會導致袋中之物噴出,請多加小心。 ●加熱後,請在確認蒸氣口沒有蒸氣冒出後,將袋子取出。 ●加熱後,袋子和袋中之物都會發燙,所以開封時請小心燙傷和噴濺。


  • This curry risotto owns a mild and wonderful spicy taste. It is featured by rich flavor and integrating aromas of herbs & spices, sweetness of pumpkins and sweet potatoes, savory flavor of dried shiitake mushrooms, as well as fruity aroma of apples, miso and soy sauce.Try this authentic curry risotto.



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