peach and Lip Moisturizing Stick is a magical moisturizing stick including more than 99.9% of nature-derived ingredients that make dry and rough lips into moist and beautiful like a princess. It doesn't contain these ingredients: two kinds of mineral oil (MOSH and MOAH considered as cancer-causing agents in France), Parabens, artificial pigments, and synthetic perfumes. Thus, it is safe enough to be prescribed for children. It is decorated with a lovely pink cute ribbon for the more beautiful design and individually packaged as a single box.

Peach and 润唇膏蕴含99.9%天然成分,为唇肌提供养分,如魔法棒般能够缓解唇部干燥脱皮带来的不适,恢 复小公主般稚嫩的双唇。贴有可爱蝴蝶结设计的润唇膏。无防腐剂,矿油,硅油等有害成分。 无色。

Lip Balm for Children 兒童潤唇膏 (colorless 無色)