This is an advanced concept water-soluble nail polish made with water-based ingredients. So children can remove it simply with warm water and soap.

Also, it is made with hypoallergenic and nontoxic ingredients without any pungent smell for children to use cosmetics safely. There is a princess dress-designed series with sweet red, yellow, and pink colors as if wearing a lovely princess dress. There is a ring on the bottle of nail polish for children's fashion.

以水為基本成分而製成的新概念水性指甲油,僅使用香皂即可輕鬆擦洗。是一款兒童也能放心使用的,無刺激性味道,低刺激,無毒性產品。如穿上了可愛的公主裙般,甜蜜的紅色,黃色,粉色的公主裙系列以及動畫形像中的多種顏色。內含一枚能夠與指甲油顏色一同展現出時尚感的同色系 戒指。



Nail Polish for Children 兒童指甲油 (8 Colors 顏色)