This is a pact type of sun cream that allows children and their mothers to use it comfortably. Also containing inorganic sunblock ingredients, it can protect children’s skin from ultraviolet rays and gives natural-skin tone with peach color by reducing the whitening effect. 


It includes only two types of inorganic sunblock ingredients, so children with delicate skin can use it safely. Its airless pact is the safest container to protect sun cream from the pollution during its use. It also provides a variety of fun with accessories such as ribbon, tiara, and wings. Children can enjoy joy not only from using this item but choosing accessories they want.

僅使用兩種能將紫外線從肌膚反射而出的無機紫外 線屏蔽成分,即使是稚嫩的肌膚也能夠放心使用。隔離式氣墊的設計能使內含物質的污染最小化,是 一款可放心使用的產品設計。

Suncream for Children 兒童防曬霜 (SPF 50 PA+++)